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Further Developments

Version 1
Unbound’s goal is to become a DeFi treasury for LPT and increase liquidity for UND.
V1 primarily focuses on:
  • Creating a first-ever debt-free liquidity provision system
  • Unlocking liquidity from existing largecap AMM Pools for the UND stablecoin
  • Producing fee-earning, non-tradeable collateral
  • Implementing a SAFU fund
Version 2
Unbound will work towards a more autonomous organization for decentralized liquidity and earnings. This will allow users to explore different markets that provide the best yields on digital assets with the benefits of minimal risk liquidity provisioning.
V2 will primarily focus on:
  • Unbound Virtual AMM (vAMM): Unbound vAMM will introduce a Vault mechanism which will work autonomously, providing automatic liquidity algorithmically.
  • Unbound Price Oracles: Unbound will develop an on-chain price oracle to query other Smart Contracts to find the latest and most accurate prices with the aim of minimizing the risk of losses to users.
  • Unbound Liquidation Engine for volatile pairs: Unbound will introduce a liquidation engine solely for volatile pairs. When a certain token value falls below a threshold, the liquidation process will be initiated. Unbound’s community governance will decide which volatile assets will be subject to the liquidation protocols.